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What is GlobeChangers?

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GlobeChangers is an incubator for young social entrepreneurs, multiplying their impact through mentorship, training, and a strong support network.

Our Training

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The GlobeChangers Bootcamp is a foundational 20-hour training that develops the BIG IDEAS of the country’s youth leaders. Our intensive, interactive training model powers youth with lifelong entrepreneurial and leadership skills. This training addresses a unique need in supporting young people and engages youth in skill building mostly not taught in traditional schools or colleges. Add this invaluable experience to your resume or college application. Join an international dialogue on youth service leadership!

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GlobeChanger Master Class

Our Master Classes:

Unique opportunities for young leaders and social entrepreneurs – JAF GlobeChangers – around the country to engage and learn from skilled, ambitious mentors like yourself.

Support Network

Leading Organizations & Collaborators:

Partner with us to provide a wide net of resources available to our GlobeChangers from innovative funding tools to pro bono legal services.


GlobeChanger Lillian Pravada

"Vision for & from Children is about people helping people. I call it everyone's power of one. It is about every person doing his or her part. One action by one individual can spark  a chain of positive events for an entire nation."

Lillian Pravada, GlobeChanger
2014 National Jefferson Awards Recipient
Area of Care: Health & Wellness
Impact to Date: 24,200 Vision-Saving Surgeries Donated

  • Lillian's Big Idea

    Lillian Pravda was born with a cataract and endured several surgeries. The more time she spent in the hospital, the more she learned not all children were as fortunate as she was to have access to care. At age 8, Lillian set out to help children in need of sight-saving eye surgeries and vision services, making sure they would get the care they need and deserve.

  • Get Started

    Starting in one hospital in New York City, by age 14, Lillian is responsible for delivering the gift of sight to 24,210 children in America and around the world.

  • Impact

    As a GlobeChanger, Lillian is expanding her reach to hospitals across the country. JAF has helped Lillian build a team and create top-of-the-line marketing and business plans to increase her impact to reach more and more children to come.

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